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Cambo Standarda posteriore per Actus per obiettivi 32HR/35HR/40HR/35XL/43XL (finitura nera)




Codice EAN/UPC:99100310

prezzo:€ 775,00+IVA


The ACB-310 is a separate rear standard which allows the use of shorter digital lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider to focus in combination with the Sony E-mount series cameras, such as the Sony A7/7R.

ACB-310 is needed for the use of:
Rodenstock 32HR
Rodenstock 35HR
Rodenstock 40HR
Rodenstock 45
Schneider 43XL

Please note that the use of LCC technology (such as used in CaptureOne software) may be strongly advised to avoid colour cast effects due to the short distance between rear glass and sensor.

ACB-310 matches the ACTUS-B version and has a built-in Sony bayonet and a built-in WA bellows (non removable). The bayonet is non-rotating (in the contrary of the normal version) in order to allow the short distance.